We would like to introduce the company's new office!!!

Wacontre is currently operating with 3 services as follows ・Research and development department (international development・BPO) http://wacontre.com/ja/offshore/ ・Developing and operating websites for Vietnam. http://wacontre.com/ja/mediaservice/ ・Supporting the establishment of Vietnamese companies. http://wacontre.com/ja/companysupport/ In October last year after we moved into a new office, there were a lot of changes in the office. So this time we want to introduce the new office of Wacontre company. Wacontre is currently located on the third floor of this SONY DSC building. Address is : 3rd floor, 55-57 Nguyen Van Phong, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. SONY DSC  This is the nameplate of the companies in the building. On it you can also see the logo of the Wacontre company. And this is the entrance of the company. Jpeg  オフィス紹介9 When you enter the company, you will see the bookshelf on the right hand side. On the shelves there are business books neatly arranged 1 way. SONY DSC SONY DSC This is the workplace of the company's employees. Currently, at our company, there are about 30 employees working. There is also 1 other office of the company currently located on the 8th floor of the whole house. Next we would like to introduce the company's meeting room. Wacontre company we have 2 meeting rooms. This is our main room, this room is often used in meetings, seminars. オフィス紹介8 Here's a class on [japanese language skills used in business].  SONY DSC There is 1 more meeting room that is this room. SONY DSC Next, you visit our company's kitchen. Here we have sweets and cakes available for the staff to use. SONY DSC This is a shelf that, in addition to books, is also used for other items. SONY DSC Next, we would like to introduce the office on the 8th floor.  SONY DSC This is the entrance to the 8th floor office. The 8th floor office is there are 2 small offices linked together We go to which office. SONY DSC This is one of 2 workplaces in the 8th floor office. The workplace of employees is divided by partitions. SONY DSC This is 1 corner of the office. Everyone is working.  SONY DSC This is the view from the 8th floor. From the 8th floor, you can see the landscaped streets of Ho Chi Minh City. Above is an introduction to the new office of Wacontre company.