Offshore lab case introduction

Introduction of lab development services tenants.

In communication with Japan we use online. Method of communication, using a Japanese interpreter, Made directly in English, adopting the bridge SE can speak Japanese There are wide variety of ways to use your.

In the case of J Inc.

application programer(Cocos2dx)1 person
Japanese communicator 1person designer 1person
They develop application for iPhone and android.
Application programmer English is fluent. So, simple instructions you can be in English.
Japanese communicators, supports the business. Specification of description, specifications translation, for complex instructions.
Designer is making the background and character of the game. According to the instructions from Japan.

In the case of R Inc.

WordPress corder 2persons
PHP programer(now hiring)
They produce the website using Worspress.
Because the Japanese side has the English proficient person in charge, all the instructions perform it in English.
Because the WordPress coder can use HTML, CSS, JQuery and PHP, it is possible until the editing of the template and customization of the plug in.
About PHP programmer, it is the developer of the business system using frameworks such as Yii.
A person can speak English, and the setting of a database and the server recruits the talented people who can do it.

In the case of A Inc.

Programer who can speak Japanese
The programmer who study in Japan and graduate from a national university, and went back to own country. He develops a browser game and the smartphone application using Unity.
The programmer has no inconvenience for communication. He has Japanese official approval N1 level.
Unity was new to him, but he learned it while handling a project and he could develop the complicated fighting game freely now and grew up.

31 legged-race Vietnamese head office

【Staff】 Event administration support staff The 31 legged-race is famous in Japan. The member who I purchase a license of Asahi National Broadcasting, and carries out an event is based in Japan. They leave the office work such as the exchanges with the Vietnamese company to the staff with the working experience in Japan. In the lab of Wacontre have small team of about 1-5 people at the heart of management. Most companies do not have any resident officer from Japan.Therefore they working successfully using the internet. You can use the lab in applications other than IT development like 31-legged race Vietnamese head office. Development of IT is the main current, but it also can be used in BOP work such as mechanical design and 3D design and illustration production and image processing and accounting processing and data input using CAD. Half a year until the company establishment, full-scale entry before the test period, the core team building, you can use in a variety of applications. Please contact us.