Mission: “Platform to maximize our potential”

While developing our expertise in the IT x HR fields, we aim to develop as a platform that maximizes the potential of all those involved with our company and our services through human resource development.

As a Japanese company founded in Vietnam, we aim to contribute to society by diversifying and successfully integrating  to create unique human resources and services.

Vision: “Creating Innovative Services from Asia”

We want to create a world-class innovative service rooted in Asia. We are always thinking about what only we can do and what services are pleasing around the world and innovation.

Code of Conduct: “SPEQ high with heart”

Speq of High SPEQ means “Acceleration” “Efficiency” “Quality”. We try to pursue speed, efficiency and quality in every action, but it is never selfish.

I want to be a person who can always act in good faith by always having a “Heart” that expresses compassion for our colleagues and gratitude to our customers.

* Origin of the name of Wacontre Co., Ltd. It is a japanese word that combines the heart in Japanese “Wakon” and “bamboo” meaning young in Vietnamese.