Director's Messenage

Thank you for visiting Wacontre's homepage. The current company established in 2010 is an IT company operating in Vietnam. Currently, the company mainly does business such as supporting Offshore Development Services in Labo form on the part of Japanese companies, media in Vietnam, consulting company establishment in Vietnam, more and more businesses moving to Vietnam, I as the first business in Vietnam for 6 years, I want to build a foothold to achieve the vision of "Making a global service in Asia"..

So far, Japanese business companies have been present at the centers, to transfer the authority to promote the development of enterprises, we have built a system, established a team of Vietnamese people, in 2016 we started the service introducing personnel, Recruitment media accompanied by pre-ceremony to find Vietnamese talent. ( / )

Because this service provides human resources at a lower price than conventional recruitment websites. The current service runs on websites and smartphone apps, has video self-introduction functions, online interviews, interview schedule management features, such as curation functionality involving human resources and new technology, so it's a style combination. In addition to strengthening the existing media, we will continue to vigorously challenge new businesses, "unique and continue to make a bold adventure" that brings closer to the ideal image.

The department, the transfer of rights, from now on in the next 3 years provides a new business base in 3 countries or more, we want to continue multilateral expansion cooperation. From there we want to develop Win-Win cooperation with our partners as well as our own. We are looking for a partner in Vietnam, we appreciate your voice.
Committed to developing to take advantage of Japan and Vietnam will do well on both sides for everyone, we will perform a unique interesting service.

Representative of Wacontre
Nohara Kohei