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We are a Japanese company established in Vietnam in 2010. We are developing offshore lab development services (employment agency), IT services, and support business for expansion in Viet Nam in the area of IT x HR.
In 2016, Việc Ơi Co.Ltd was established as a subsidiary of PGT HOLDINGS Co., Ltd., which is listed on the Hanoi Stock Exchange, and started the recruitment agency by obtaining a recruitment license, recruiting highly-skilled Vietnamese personnel and operating, a comprehensive recruitment website for Vietnamese. In 2018, we became independent from PGT HOLDINGS Co.,Ltd in the form of MBO and continued our recruitment business.

Taking advantage of the unique characteristics of being a Japanese established overseas, we are working to foster a quality culture that is essential for creating a sustainable organization through diversifying and developing unique, high-quality human resources, and we are gradually seeing results

VietNam, having got over the severe lockdown, got an open-door policy, then continued to enjoy high economic growth, with 8.02% GDP growth rate in the year 2022.

We expect that our society will change more rapidly thanks to the appearance of AI generation. We also plan to adopt the latest technologies quickly to innovate and improve our services, broaden our horizon, enhance organizational capabilities and management resources to enhance customers' satisfaction, as well as engage in philanthropic activities and make a contribution to society.

Representative of Wacontre
Nohara Kohei