Offshore lab comparing with competitor

Lab development service -Competitors comparison: offshore

Company A

Our lab service

■ Initial cost
■ Unit cost
Bridge SE
■ Independent cost(transfer fee)
■ Company establishment support
■ Video recorder for office
■ Social guarantee

3-month total of man-month
4 months of man-month

cost of employment+Fee of PC(Bringing Allowed
35,000~+Administrative cost
150,000~+Administrative cost
1 month’s salary~
Actual cost burden

※ Other company plan assumes the service contents of the most common laboratory development company in Vietnam.

About salary and bonus for employee

A fixed rate is set every level the talented person in the other companies.
Because they cannot serve it in a fixed cherge even if there is a good talented person when a salary is too high, they may not adopt it.
And the top of the actual cost worth of salary in our lab services, our company is in the fee structure to get the Administrative cost. So, you can be asked to adopt a good human resources at a reasonable price.
Salary negotiations we will do. When there is up requests for salary, we will consider it appropriate consultation.
Incentives and bonuses must be paid to determine customers.
Bonus is common to pay for one month as Tet (Lunar New Year) bonus.

Transfer cost of laboratory independence

You may not take over the human resources that was long-awaited development is also in other companies during the independent lab, but in our lab services, in order for you to facilitate the lab independence, by at least one month to the independent transfer fee (contract period and adopted persons change), and we have been provided with a significantly lower price.
Recruiting skilled in the referral fee is becoming two months of normal has been quite profitable pricing even compared.