Lab development detail

Detail of offshore lab service

Our lab service is supplying office (working space, human resources, attendance management, salary calculation ) Initial cost does not take.
Please prepare PC and development software. We can prepare it for fee, if you need.
You pay the salary + social security costs of adopting employee (salary of 20%) + administrative expenses in accordance with the number of people employed Lab development price.

Features of the lab development servicesMost low price! The only sistem! ecure excellent human resources that make full use of the local network, introduction, adoption assistance, social security, personnel management, general affairs, Paperwork is absolutely unnecessary. Optimal as local incorporation before the trial period in Vietnam. Small lab is more cheep than local subsidiary in terms of expenses. We have meeting room. Employee can use the desk of 1m,it is comfortable office environment. Lab independence, support of Established local

Offshore ・Web system development(website design, reservation system development)
・Application development for smart phone.(iPhone, Android, iPad etc.)
・Social application development(Facebook etc.)
・Business software development ・3D design
・Create design drawings with CAD
・Image processing
・Creating illustrations for social games, coloring work.
・Coding of HTML
・Operation and development of online shopping site.
Development language

The difference in the contract type development and offshore Laboratory development

当社のラボ開発はどこよりも低価格でサービスを提供指せて頂いております!We have been providing a lab development at the lowest price !

Our service can support for software development, system develop for smart phone, Image processing, 3D design and accounting.

language:HTML,CSS,Javascript,Java,PHP.Net,Python, Perl, Ruby, Objective C…
Server:Linux[CentOS] ,apatch, windows server…
Data base:MySQL,PostgreSQL…