We opened rice ball cafe!

We finally opened Japanese rice ball cafe in HCMC, Vietnam.


March, 2015, We opened Japanese style rice ball cafe named ”Cafe Ninja Com nam” at Phu Nhuan District.
Com nam means rice ball.

Add:579 Nguyen Kiem,Dist. Phu Nhuan, HCMC, Vietnam
※It is located at left side of just pasting rail road crossing to Nguyen Kiem street.
Tel: 090-144-3722

ホーチミンおにぎりカフェCafe Ninja Com nam ホーチミンおにぎりカフェCafe Ninja Com nam

We will co-manage this cafe with Border buster Inc,
which is my close friend’s company.

I have been interested to manage cafe since i came to Vietnam around 5 years ago.
There is much more good cafe in Ho Chi Minh City.

I love to go stylish cafe to take rest and to work.
But there is no place to be able to eat Japanese rice ball.
I would like to spread this fast and delicious food to Vietnamese people.

As we ware engaging IT business for long time,
real business managing cafe is completely new for us.

But it will be sure to be good experience and affect our main business IT field shortly.
I will try to marketing cafe using various online way and feed back it to create site.

ホーチミンおにぎりカフェCafe Ninja Com nam3  ホーチミンおにぎりカフェCafe Ninja Com nam4

We want to make this place as platform to feel Japanese food and
culture among those who are interested in Japan.

We are planning to hold event to communicate by Japanese with me (young Japanese guy)
or introduce Japanese film , music and anything popular in Japan these days.