Studying in Vietnam in Japan increased rapidly. And information to know.

  Hi everyone, I'm Kitahara working at Wacontre. Since this is 1 very useful information for you, please refer to this information!!  The number of Vietnamese students in Japan has increased rapidly.   Let's first look through the chart. [visualizer id="3167"] According to the Japanese education agency, the number of international students is 5 lakh 847 (in 2015). In which Vietnam ranked 2nd after China accounting for 31% (1 lakh 5715 people). A Japanese language education agency is an agency established for the purpose of being a place for foreigners to learn Japanese. In simple terms, this is a Japanese language school in Japan. Next you see the map below.   [visualizer id="2147"]   The number of Vietnamese students, in the last 4 to 5 years, has increased sharply. Especially from 2012 to 2013, the number of international students has increased 4 times. So what is your study path after graduating from a Japanese language school?   [visualizer id="3196"]   The upward rate of Vietnamese students graduating from Japanese language education agencies is 85%. Of those, 80% are students who go on to professional school. The percentage of students going to university or graduate school (including short-term universities) accounts for only about 18%. Most Vietnamese students go on to professional schools, but do you want to go to higher education.   [visualizer id="2155"]   This is the result of a survey of international students by the Japanese language education agency before coming to Japan. Because this is the world's data, I think vietnam's percentage will be a little flawed, but I'm sure it's not flawed. The number of people who want to go to university (graduate school) in Japan is 64%, going to a professional school in Japan is about 20%.   In the case of Vietnamese students, before coming to Japan, the aspiration to study at university is 64%, but in fact, the rate of study to university is only 18%. Meanwhile, before coming to Japan, the aspiration to attend professional schools in Japan is only about 20%, in fact, up to 80% of international students study in specialized schools.   From there, it shows that the aspirations before studying abroad of international students with the reality are quite different.   So why is there such a difference between thought and reality????   Speaking of reasons, I think that in addition to the difficulty of university entrance exams in japan, there are many other reasons, but is the biggest reason this cause?   Foreigners still lack information about studying abroad.   Below is an excerpt from the March 2015 study abroad article. 「The most difficult problem in Vietnam is the collection of accurate information about studying in Japan. The Japan Study Abroad Support Office provides study abroad information only in Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia. Mr. Horie had the opinion that "because many international students now pass referrals from brokerage companies, it is difficult to receive accurate information. In Vietnam, there has been an association to ensure the safety of international students studying in European and American countries, while international students to Japan have not been established ".」   Therefore, it is quite difficult to gather information to study abroad accurately in Vietnam.   So how do Vietnamese students actually collect information when they want to study abroad in Japan? Most are introduced by Japanese language schools or by local study abroad agencies. Among study abroad companies, there are still companies that are not reputable and take a lot of referral fees. But out of that little information, which company is a good company is hard to tell. Most Vietnamese students through that information decide to study in Japan.   Information channels to study abroad in Japan are increasing.   For those of you studying abroad, I want to provide you with more information channels. So do you have any information about how many private universities in Japan currently have their own faculties for international students???   What is a course specifically for international students????  It is a formal training program that is associated with teaching methods at universities. As an educational institution with the goal of teaching necessary subjects in addition to the main subjects such as Japanese culture, Japanese language for phD students, international students who want to study at universities, graduate schools, or short-term universities in Japan. There are currently 66 private and short-term universities in the country.   Currently, how many Vietnamese people know about "courses for international students"??? I think probably very few people know. When we compare between "Courses for international students" and "Japanese language schools", we get some good points as follows:   The comparison table between "courses for international students" and "Japanese language schools"

  Courses for international students Japanese language school
Tuition 1 year course 400,000 ~ 925,000円(yen) 1 year course 415,000 ~ 997,400円(yen)
Content Not only teaching Japanese but also a variety of study programs to prepare for further study. Mainly teaching Japanese
Progress up after graduation The rate of study at universities in Japan is quite high.among universities with courses for international students, it is ready to write recommendations for students to universities that want to study higher. 80% after graduating from Japanese language schools, international students will go to professional schools.

  For example, kansai university's "international student course".   Admission exams

     Number of students applying      Number of students passing
March 9, 2014 71 students 66 students
March 4, 2015 59 students 51 students
March 9, 2015 81 students 72 students
April 2016 66 students 59 students

  Actual passing results after graduation: ♦ University: Kansai University: 18 friends, Kansai Graduate University: 5 friends, Doushisha University :1 friend, Kinki University: 8 friends, Chyuou University: 1 friend、Housei University: 2 friends.  ♦Graduate School: Regular School: Kansai University:15 you, Kyoto University:1 friend, ritsumeikan University:2 you.   ♦Occasional study mode: Kansai University (PhD student): 3 friends, Okamoto University (PhD student) :1 friend, Shuto-kyoto University (PhD student): 1 friend, Nagoya University (PhD student): 1 friend, Wakayama University (PhD student) :1 friend _(2015 university pass result).   Like Kansai University's "international student course," there are similar courses to get higher academic results at a high rate. In addition to Japanese language schools, are these choices necessary? And most of you who intend to study abroad in Japan often do not receive information about this course for international students. I think most of the people who watched this were japanese, but I wanted to let people know more about the existence of "courses for international students" so I created this blog.