【Local Food Feature】Ask Vietnamese! Banh Mi specialty store ranking [3rd round]

Local Food Special Issue No. 3!

  In the first installment, we introduced Banh Mi recommended by Japan people. Read on to find out more! But what I really want to know is the recommendation of Vietnamese people living in Ho Chi Minh City! For those who say, This time, we will hear from 30 Vietnamese people in real life! We will introduce Banh My specialty store in ranking format. Let's start with the third place! 3rd place    

Daily Bread  banh mi ut kiem

    The three most votes tied were Daily Bread and banh mi ut kiem! Let's start with the introduction of Daily Bread. daily bread2Why is it popular with Vietnamese?      

・Because the taste is delicious ・Because it is convenient because it is close to schools and companies

  That should be it! Daily Bread has two stores: High Bar Tune Street, which is the main street in Ho Chi Minh City, and Thong Tat Thiep Street, which is less than five minutes from the city center.    

Daily Bread

< Basic Information> Address: 125B Hai Ba Trung, District1, HCMC Opening Hours: AM6:00-PM 7:00 (Closed on Sundays) Office Phone: 08 3822 5080  

Then banh mi ut kiem!

  banh-mi-ut-kiem   Why is it popular with Vietnamese?  

・Because it is cheap ・Because the taste is delicious!

  In addition, if you buy a banh mi, it seems that hand wipes, toothpicks, and water will follow. It is a very kind shop.    

banh mi ut kiem

< Basic Information> Address: 148 QL13, 26, Bình Thạnh, Hồ Chí Minh Opening Hours: 07:00 AM – 09:00 PM Phone: 08 3511 6900

What's the second place you're worried about?       2nd place      

banh mi hyunh hoa

      Banh mi hyunh hoa who ranked by a wide margin from the third placebanh-mi-huynh-hoa-1 Why is it popular with Vietnamese?      

・Because it is cheap and delicious, ・Because it is famous for being delicious・Because it has a sense of cleanliness

  Apparently, it's deliciousness that everyone nods to!    

banh mi huynh hoa

< Basic Information> Address: 26 le Thi Rieng P. Ben Thanh, Q.1, Ho Chi Minh City 70000, Vietnam Business Hours:PM3:00~PM10:00 Tel:84839250885 The grand first place is !!! 1st Prize                  

Nhu Lan

      Overwhelming No. 1, Nhu Lan! nhu-lan1Why is it popular with Vietnamese?      

・ Because it is cheap and delicious ・ Because it comes out quickly after ordering ・ Because there is a sense of cleanliness

  It is a super famous long-established store that locals visit constantly, and it is also a point that you can enjoy the local atmosphere! Please go eat once!   nhu-lan2    

Nhu Lan

< Basic Information> Address: 50 66-68 Ham Nghi-Q.1 Ho Chi Minh Business hours: 08-3829-2970 Tel: AM4: 00 ~ Next day AM2: 00