Why were Japan people who could not speak the local language at all able to hold an event for local people in Vietnam?

  "I want to hold an event overseas and interact with people from overseas", "I want to create a circle where I can interact with people overseas", "But I can't speak the local language, so it will be impossible" is good news for those who do. I held an event in Vietnam from scratch and succeeded in attracting as many as 20 Vietnamese people. In this blog, I will write in detail about the planning of the event, attracting customers, and the flow of the day. Even if you are not interested in holding events, if you read this article, you will know that it is good to do it in this way to hold an event overseas, so please read it as much as you are interested.          

I thought about what kind of event I would do in Vietnam

  First of all, why did I decide to hold the event? This was because the company planned to run a "Japanese learner community" and needed to hold events where people could interact directly with community members.     And about the Vietnamese targeted this time. There is only one thing that Japan people who can't speak Vietnamese should target.    

They are "Vietnamese Japanese learners."

    For me, it was an event run by the "Japanese Learner Community", so that was the only option, but if you Japan people who do not speak Vietnamese, I think this target is just right. The next thing you need to think about is what kind of event you are going to do. In fact, what kind of events do you think will appeal to Vietnamese? I couldn't imagine it, so I actually took a questionnaire to Vietnamese people and tallied them up. "What kind of Japan event would you like to attend?" (38 people with multiple answers) [visualizer id="3261"] Yes, Japan food was the first place. As Japan food has become popular in Vietnam, Vietnamese people seem to be quite interested in Japan food. So, what kind of Japan food will they be happy with? Also, I thought it would be even more interesting if it could be made by everyone.   That's when I thought about it.    Traditional dishes of Japan that are not popular in VietnamEasy to make and do not use extra tools – Can anyone make     such a magical dish? In conclusion, there is!     It is "mochi". "Mochi" is insanely easy to make. If you have never made "mochi", the only necessary ingredients are  glutinous flour and water   . If you have a microwave oven for heating and toppings such as soy sauce and mushrooms, you can make a "mochi dish" by itself. In addition, "glutinous cuisine" has not penetrated in Vietnam for some reason. In addition, you can enjoy the process of making dishes together by making "mochi" together.     The three points   I mentioned earlier – Japan traditional food that is not popular in VietnamEasy to make and not use extra tools – Everyone can  make It is clear that " Mochi."     This has decided the direction of the event. "Let's make and eat Japan's traditional dishes with Japan people!" was set as the title of the event.                        

How did you attract Vietnamese customers from scratch?

  Next, we will talk about attracting customers to important events. How could Japan attract 20 Vietnamese from scratch? I used two tools this time. "Meetup" (https://www.meetup.com) and "Facebook".     "Meetup" is a platform service that makes it easy to start and run communities related to a common area or interest. When you sign up for Meetup and launch a community, it promotes you to people in the area and encourages them to join the community.   meetuplogo1000     The good thing about "Meetup" is that you can not only hold a community, but also participate in the community. Meetup has a community that plays tennis and a community that learns programming. In short, it's a tool that allows you to participate in "any community in the world."     First of all, I started the "Japanese Learner Community in Ho Chi Minh City" at "Meetup" and made it 50 people. (It doesn't take much time for 50 people). And we did an event in this community.     Attracting customers for "Meetup" wasn't enough, so the next step was to reach Facebook. We looked at Japanese learner Facebook page and groups in Ho Chi Minh City and announced the event there.     By the way, I used "Google Form" for attendance management of this event. In Vietnam, if you attract customers directly to the event on Facebook, you can easily press the join button, and the participation rate seems to be not very good.   googleform_top   In order not to cause a gap in the number of participants on the day, those who plan to participate in the event were asked to write personal information such as name, phone number, and e-mail address on "Google Form".     As a result of attracting customers on "Meetup" and "Facebook", we succeeded in recruiting 46 people who plan to participate in the event! However, when I sent an e-mail confirming whether or not I would participate in the event the day before, the number of people who responded to me when I participated decreased to 25. We had originally planned an event with 30 people, so this was unexpected.     The high rate of dota-can is unthinkable in Japan. I felt the difference from Japan including this kind of thing.  

Now, how is the fate of the Mochi event going?

  The event venue was used as a company conference room. 6:30 p.m. on weekdays, and rain. The event was held in the worst conditions. In the end, 20 people participated in the event! Please take a look at the photos of the day. img_20160826_185114img_20160826_185107img_20160826_193325We worked together to make the warm "mochi" into a petty and one-size-fits-all position. Everyone ate "mochi" deliciously. "Kinakomochi" was the most popular. However, what was surprising was that everyone was surprised that they ate "mochi" by hand. It seems that there is resistance to eating sticky things with your hands. If you ask me, yes (laughs) and the event ended safely.                            

Looking back on the event

  How was the procedure for holding events overseas? When people think of holding an event, I think many people imagine that it will be difficult. However, if it is a small event like this time, it seems that it can be held! Some of you may have thought so. I would be happy if it was helpful to such people. Also, "Meetup" is very convenient, so please try using it. Japan of course, you can also participate in communities and events held all over the world.