When comparing Japan and Vietnamese university students, the results were quite interesting.

    This time, we conducted a questionnaire survey of 30 university students in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) and compared the average part-time job of university students in Vietnam with Japan. Specifically,   we compared the average number of working days per week – the average working hours per day – the average hourly wage and the average monthly income .  How many hours do Vietnamese university students work part-time? And how much do you earn from part-time? I would like to step into this survey that will reveal the difference in economic power between the two countries!        

Average number of shift days per week

[visualizer id="3295"]   For university students in Japan and Vietnam, the average number of shift days per week was 1.1 days. I found that Vietnamese university students are quite hard workers. Among Vietnamese university students, there were 10% of them who worked seven days a week.  

Average daily working hours

[visualizer id="3296"]   The average daily working hours are almost the same. Being a college student, the shift time I put in a day seems to be about the same.  

Average hourly wage (yen)

[visualizer id="3297"]   (Japan: Three major metropolitan areas Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City)   It turned out that the hourly wage of university student part-time workers is about 4.7 times different between Japan and Vietnam. In Japan and Vietnam, the wage gap is still very large.   

Average monthly income (yen)

[visualizer id="3299"]   The average monthly income was about 3.2 times different. The difference in average hourly wages is about 4.7 times, and the difference in average monthly income is about 3.2 times. As stated in the average number of shift days per week, it was found that university students in Vietnam work more part-time than university students in Japan.  

Part-time job situation of university students in Vietnam

 As for salarymen, it is relatively normal for Vietnamese companies to work on Saturdays. There are few public holidays in Vietnam (Japan is on the 15th, whereas in Vietnam it is 9th!). Vietnam has more working days than Japan. However, in the case of Vietnam, there is almost no overtime.     As well as salarymen, Vietnamese university students are also quite hard workers. Many of you may have never heard of this fact for the first time.     The above was a comparison of part-time jobs of university students in Japan and Vietnam!