Announce the promotion online! [promotional photo shoot with model]

At viecoi hr referral company we decided to advertise on the Internet. To complete the advertisement we conducted a photo shoot with the model at the company. Discussion of the template. At the talk we consulted many of the models that had been taken to decide which pattern the model would take with the shape. Jpeg At the talk we came up with a lot of patterns. For example: images-6 This kind of jump shot!! Or the picture is biting the laptop like this. images-11 And in the end we decided to shoot all the models that were set out. Start the process of choosing a model. After deciding on a model to shoot, the next thing we had to do was find a model to take pictures. At director Nohara's request, we couldn't find the model the director wanted. Finding models is really hard… what do we do. From you Tons of Wacontre company employees we have learned information….. dissolve [ I have a friend who is modeling that] So we asked that friend to model for this advertising campaign. And the model fulfilled our wishes.  The scene at the photo shoot with the model Finally came to the day of the shoot and the model came to our company. This is the model she is today SONY DSC How could Tan get to know such a beautiful person??? After greeting the introduction and confirming once again the requirements during the photo shoot, we started the shoot. Before I started I suddenly remembered. "Then who's going to take the picture?" "First, Kitahara." -Kitahara: " huh…… " Why was I the one who was put in charge of starting the photo shoot? I kept imagining myself as a professional photographer and started taking my first photos. IMG_2665 IMG_2621 IMG_2657 The photo shoot finally ended well.We compared the sample photo (right) and the photo taken at the photo shoot (left). Images                                   SONY DSC    images-10                                                     SONY DSC       images-11                                    SONY DSC images-4                                       SONY DSC images-6                                          SONY DSC When we tried comparing the 2 photos, it was almost the same. The model really performed very well professionally. The model responded to our request as well as at the photo shoot, so the work ended smoothly. Then we started editing the photos and eventually the finished promotional product. Let's wait and see the next installment!!!