The Birthday Party In The Wacontre Office


『The Staff’s Birthday Party Held With A Whole Cake』


Hello, I’m Shin doing the Wacontre’s internship.


Today, there was a BIG whole cake in a SMALL fridge at the office. Of course, this picture shows the fridge, not the cake.






CEO and I prepared that for two staff’s SURPRISE birthday party, Ms, Hagio and Ms, Ngan.

On the other hand, Ms. Hagio found the Baskin Robbins cake easily in the fridge which the CEO concealed, so it means it was not a surprise birthday party at all.  





Ms. Hagio got two presents as birthday presents from the CEO.

 Those are both USB. One is the USB with a fan. On the contrary, the other is the USB with a LED light.

Those made her favorite “TOSHIBA Dynabook” high-class.






Those made her high-class, too.





As you can see, CEO holds the staff’s birthday party on a whim at the Wacontre office, here.





At last, a staff of Baskin Robbins gave us a VIP card when we paid the cake’s price.

In Vietnam, anyone can get the VIP card which enables them to buy any ice cream at a discount of one quarter as long as they buy only a whole cake.

“No one knows people can use the VIP card except in Vietnam.”






ーーー About Baskin Robbins in Vietnam ーーー

Baskin Robbins opened the first shop in Vietnam in 1994, and the total number of the shops is 27 so far.

It is said that there will be total 50 shops in Vietnam.

 Check this rink that shows the address about all Baskin Robbins shops in Vietnam. You can see that with a map here. “Use that with a translation function of each web browser because the website is written by Vietnamese.”