Wacontre -Japanese IT company  Outsourcing app development, Making video, Web media management in Vietnam

Japanese IT company Outsourcing app development, Making video, Web media management in Vietnam

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Thank you for looking at the HP of Wacontre.
Our business is IT company that has been the activities based in Vietnam from 2010 its inception. We mainly do laboratory development projects for Japanese companies, web media business for the Vietnamese market, and business to support the establishment of the Vietnamese company. This year moved to Vietnam from the start of business becomes the sixth year, we will concentrate even more on local consumer businesses. We would like to build a foothold in order to achieve the vision that “We will make global services from Asia”.
So far, our business for the Japanese market was the center of ours. From now, we will transfer the authority to proceed with the business of the local market. By doing so, we can build a system that business is established in the only Vietnamese team. For the purpose of this, we will try to do new business, in addition to strengthening of the existing media. We would like to approach the ideal image of the company that “continues to venture uniquely and boldly”.
We put emphasis on localization, authority transfer, and new business. We hope to establish bases in the three or more countries within three years, and deploy multilaterally in a way that each can cooperate.
We would like to grow together with a variety of partners in the Win-Win relationship. So if you are looking for the partner in Vietnam, please contact us.

We will be committed to development that take advantage of the best of Japan and Vietnam both sides, and create unique and interesting services with you. We are looking forward to our future business dealings in the days ahead.

Wacontre LTD CEO: Nohara Kohei