Mission: “Continuing a unique and bold adventure”

We are currently developing services specializing in web domaining in Vietnam. Currently, Vietnam is still growing and we look forward to constantly creating challenging new Internet businesses, but in the future we will be proactive not only in Vietnam but also in new countries and regions such as Southeast Asia with potential. We are planning to expand our business in Vietnam. We recognize that the source of development is to always create new and unique services, and we believe that our mission is to continue to be a group that can have a positive impact on society while on adventure.

Vision: “Creating Innovative Services from Asia”

We want to create a world-class innovative service rooted in Asia. We are always thinking about what only we can do and what services are pleasing around the world and innovation.

Code of Conduct: “SPEQ high with heart”

Speq of High SPEQ means “Acceleration” “Efficiency” “Quality”. We try to pursue speed, efficiency and quality in every action, but it is never selfish.

I want to be a person who can always act in good faith by always having a “Heart” that expresses compassion for our colleagues and gratitude to our customers.

* Origin of the name of Wacontre Co., Ltd. It is a japanese word that combines the heart in Japanese “Wakon” and “bamboo” meaning young in Vietnamese.