Wacontre -Japanese IT company  Outsourcing app development, Making video, Web media management in Vietnam

Japanese IT company Outsourcing app development, Making video, Web media management in Vietnam


Establish a company at low cost.

Ours support plan.
example、 In the case of the one establishment with the foreign name.
Japanese-support company Produce the application form.
Registration procedure.
Investment plan making
Translation of the documents etc…
total cost $8000~
Our support plan Investment plan making
Produce the application form
Registration procedure.
Translation of the documents etc..
Total cost $4000~

※amount by the required licenses will continue to change.

What is the Wacontre?
We produce web site building and system development.
We have also made Internet marketing support business of web site creation and Vietnam for the Vietnamese. Consulting business,such as a company establishment registration support and labor management in Vietnam we have also.
The type of company establishment in Vietnam.
●One member limited Limited whose investor(individual or organization) is one
 More than two members limited Limited whose investors(individual or organization) are more than two
 Stock company Stock company whose investors(individual or organization) are more than three
Necessary documents for company establishment registration in Vietnam.


(例)(example)Establish a one-person limited company
a) Investment certificate issuance application form
b)Articles of Incorporation draft
d) pasport(If private)
e) Document to prove the financial capacity of investor
f) Founder of residence lease contract
g) Established office rental contract
h) Instructions for projects
i) Power of attorney to the proceedings attorney
j) Documentation to prove the founder of skill
A copy of the notarized
written in Vietnamese
Get at the embassy or consulate

※You may change required documents by law revision / rule changes.

Even you knew required documents, exchange of with the required documents and office in order to perform in all Vietnamese, and will always be in need the help of the Vietnamese.If you want to set up a company in most low-cost, it is necessary to help by the Vietnamese.
In addition, a person have never had a company founded will get lost the time to unfamiliar procedures in the preparation of documents. It is hard to find a more reliable staff.
Then, the Japanese consulting company to the establishment registration of a company in Vietnam, it takes high costs when they use the agency service.
We can supply it and more cheap than other support service. Because we have asked the agency to contract lawyer.

Rates example of company establishment registration support in Vietnam

After company establishment you’ll need to issue an announcement of the company founded by the newspaper, the construction of employment contract, monthly tax report, Red invoice and official recipt from government.
We support an optional rates regard there procedures.(+$300)
※In Vietnam, it will take a 10 percent value-added tax.(VAT)

Flow of up to company establishment contract

Lab is useful, if you start with small number of people.

You can ensure the Vietnamese staff to 1 month $700 in the lab development services.Programmers and CAD design, such as PHP and JAVA, Perl and Ruby, as well as BPO lab for designers and accounting operations and image processing and cut costs of work corporate, such as net shop management Benefit.
Independent lab is also available

View detail of laboratory development service